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Bi-Fold Brochure Design

Get hold of a creative bi-fold brochure design for a professionally attractive look

If you want eye-catching material with the right balance of professionalism, then the bi-fold brochure design is perfect for you. It is the most popular and demanded brochure product.

Logo Design 247 offers the bi-fold brochure design having 4 panels, front, back and 2 internal ones. This gives our clients extra space for promoting, attracting and communicating their message effectively.

The front panel is specifically used for quick capturing of attention with the help of a premium design quality and attractiveness. The internal panels allow you to present your business message to influence and persuade your target customers. The back panel includes means of communication and other important information so that customers can get in touch with you in no time. Usually, we use your words within our designs, but if you want copywriting services, Logo Design 247 proudly offers that as well.

Logo Design 247 has an expert designer team on board which analyses your business model and brands first and then start with creative designing for best business representation and customer engagement.Logo Design 247 not only focuses on the design of the bi-fold brochure but also to get maximum use out of it.Do you want your brochure as a flyer for distribution in streets or among premises? Or do you want your bi-fold brochure become a part of special events or promotions? Are you thinking of inserting your brochure in any publication?

Logo Design 247 creates just the right brochure for you, whether you want it for seasonal use, a limited time period or for lasting purpose, we design just the right brochure to engage your readers and promote your message. Do you want your bi-fold brochure as your first branding choice for marketing collateral?

You donít need to think twice. Do not wait any longer! Place an online order now for 100% Money Back Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed within our high-quality bi-fold brochure design package.

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