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Logo Design Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Logo Design

Q. How long will it take before I receive my initial logo design concepts?

A. It depends on the turnaround time mentioned on the package you select.

Q. What is Rush Delivery?

A. Rush Delivery enables you to receive your initial concepts within 24 hours. However, you will be charged an additional fee based on your selected package.

Q. What happens if I think that none of the initial design concepts are up to the mark?

A. In such a case, you may ask for a revision or request a refund. Please read our Money Back Guarantee for more details.

Q. How many times can I ask you to revise my logo?

A. It depends on the package you select. Please refer to your desired package for details about revision.

Q. Is there any difference between a Revision and a Redraw? Or, they are the same thing?

A. Revision refers to the changes you ask for to improve your existing logo in terms of font, color, size, etc. Redraw refers to designing the logo again from scratch.

Q. How can I get a refund?

A. In case you feel unsatisfied with the initial concepts, you may request a refund. However, this offer becomes annulled after you approve the initial logo concepts or ask for changes / revisions after receiving the concepts. Please read our Money Back Guarantee to learn more.

Q. Can you design my logo according to my thinking and ideas?

A. You are more than welcome to share your ideas and our designers will incorporate your imagination in your logo design. When you order your logo, you can share your ideas in your creative brief.

Q. Who will own the copyrights of my logo?

A. The ownership rights will be transferred to you upon the completion of design. Your logo design will become your property.

Q. Can you enhance / redesign my existing company logo design?

A. Yes, of course. Simply send us your existing design and we will either enhance it or redesign it according to your liking.

Q. How will you send the final logo design files?

A. Your final logo design files will be emailed to you. You will also be able to download them by logging in to My Account on our website.

Q. What is the use of CMYK colors?

A. CMYK colors are basically for off-set printing.

Q. Can I get my logo in RGB colors?

A. CMYK colors can be converted into RGB colors. RGB colors are also called screen colors because they are perfect for websites. If you print something using RGB colors, you might not get accurate results.

Q. Could you please take a look at our website and let us know if it will be possible to    design a better and relevant logo?

A. Yes, of course. Email us your website URL. We will first analyze your logo and then design one for you according to your requirements, business model and ideology.

Q. What software do your designers use for logo designing?

A. Our designers use Adobe Illustrator to create logo designs.

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